11 ET

Conferences; Workshops;
November 25—27, 2021,
    Caldas da Rainha


The Typography Meeting is an annual international scientific event based in Portugal that gathers researchers, practitioners, pedagogues, students, and industry partners. It includes conferences by keynote speakers, peer-reviewed communications, workshops, and exhibitions. Our goal is to bring together leading individuals and projects in the Typographic panorama to: disseminate research and technical knowledge; foster learning, inspiration, and critical thinking; and contribute to the discussion and the development of ideas in Typography and Typeface Design.

The 1st edition of the Typography Meeting took place 11 years ago at esadcr, having brought together teachers, students, and professionals around the theme «Teaching typography in Portugal». This year, in the face of the challenges that the current world situation imposes on us, we propose a Reencounter or «Reencontro» in Portuguese. The theme thus focuses on the prefix «Re», which denotes repetition, reinforcement, and retreat, proposing an invitation to rethink, re-inscribe and reform current theoretical and practical design models. The current pandemic scenario with profound environmental, economic and social implications, appears as a movement of pressure on all areas of knowledge and creation, including, of course, design and all forms of human communication. What questions can we raise from the political, economic, and cultural challenges, that teaching, research, and creation in design and, in particular, in typography, have to face? In an era of pressing solidarity, what approaches and narratives around the project, pedagogy, history, culture, identity, and technology will emerge from this crisis to be seized and shared?