Nov. 25–27, 2021
      Caldas da Rainha


      Nov. 25

Variable Fonts Animation (3 hrs)
Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer
Exploring New Hadwriting Latin Script Styles (3 hrs)
Petra Dočekalová
Introduction to Typography Design (7 hrs)
Sol Matas
O Homem do Saco (6 hours)
Ricardo Castro e Manuel Diogo
SLOType (4 hrs)
Catarina Silva e Pedro Amado
TIMOS Modular Experience (6 hrs)
Ângelo Gonçalves e Vítor Quelhas
Design and Production of Variable Fonts (6 hrs)
Maíra Woloszyn e Pedro Amado


      Nov. 26
Pequeno Auditório, CCC

09:00 Registration
09:45 Welcome Session 11ET
10:00 Invited Speaker
Susana Carvalho
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Communications
Improving legibility with computational histogram analysis of text
Miguel Machado, Pedro Amado and Eduardo Aires
Evaluation of a framework for variable fonts design process in a project context
Maíra Woloszyn, Pedro Amado and Berenice Santos Gonçalves
Panorama of research in typography in the principal thesis and dissertation repositories: a comparative study between Brazil and Portugal
Maíra Woloszyn, Pedro Amado and Berenice Santos Gonçalves
Exercise on letter (i)legibility - Development of a methodology for constructing reductionist typefaces
João Figueiredo and Aprígio Morgado
Identification of the typefaces used in the newspaper Echo Portuguez printed in São Paulo in 1897
Jade Piaia and Priscila Farias
13:00 Lunch break
14:30 Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer
15:00 Communications
Basque letterforms: a social and political product
Liher Landeta
An insight into the civil service, images, sources, projects
Alda Rosa Maria João Bom
Sobra, a font inspired by the illustrations of Catarina Sobral
Joana Azevedo
School as Playground – Alternative Pedagogies for Higher Design Education Marta Guerra Belo
TIMOS set: a modular speculation
Ângelo Gonçalves and Vitor Quelhas
From identity to visual grammar (short talk video)
José Maria Cunha
16:45 Coffee break
17:00 Invited Speaker
Andreu Balius
18:00 Closing
21:00 Conference Dinner
23:00 Bunny O’ Williams DJ Set


      Nov. 27
Pequeno Auditório, CCC

09:30 Morning Coffee
10:00 Invited Speaker
François Rappo
11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Communications
System Fonts: Distilling type from the Late-Renaissance to the Early-Baroque
Joaquin Contreras
A brief comparative study between type catalogues of the “A Funtipo” type foundry
António Fonseca
Typographic speculations upon revivals
Vítor Quelhas, Ângelo Gonçalves and João Ventura
Manual of Diacritics
Radek Sidun
13:00 Lunch break
14:30 Invited Speaker
Petra Dočekalová
15:30 Communications
Practica – Learn type design, together
Sol Matas
Tipobicho – Typography as a visual interpretation of the verbal language
Minna Miná Rolim, Margarida Azevedo and João Lemos
The “letter” of Writing as a visual manifestation of counterculture – Ferrara, Italy, as writing territory
Mattia Ronconi, Jorge Brandão Pereira and Paula Tavares
Re-exercise: R is for Romain, R is for Roi (part 1)
Oriol Moret
Visibility for the Mixtec language in Cosoltepec (Oaxaca) through designing a bilingual signage system
Jesus Barrientos Mora, Sandy Michellve Soriano Lara, Victor Bautista Jiménez, Alfredo García Huerta and Axel Rafael Grajales Benites
16:45 Coffee Break
17:00 Invited Speaker
Thomas Huot-Marchand
18:00 Closing Cerimony
18:30 ATIPO General Assembly